Wintercup 2019

The Vienna CC Wintercup has been held annually since 1986, with the tournament having been an international affair since 1992. Teams from all over Europe have participated at the tournament which takes place at the end of February and is organised in association with T20 International. The matches are held in the sports hall of De la Salle school in Vienna’s 21st district, in Strebersdorf.. Spectators are welcome to attend free of charge and there is a spectator gallery in the sports hall for spectators to view games from. On top of all this there is also the Saturday night dinner where all teams get together to sample some traditional Viennese cuisine, as well as the famous Austrian beer.

The line-up for the 2019 Vienna CC Wintercup consisted of eight teams, from four countries:

  • Vienna CC (Austria)
  • UCC Seebarn (Austria)
  • Berlin CC (Germany)
  • ECAD Warriors (England)
  • Old Wolking (England)
  • United Nations CC (Austria)
  • Touregs (England)
  • Futon Friends (England)