Club Awards

Since 2007 Vienna Cricket Club has held an annual club end-of-season dinner, at which a number of awards are presented, honouring performances on and off the pitch during the season. The Wolfgang Tesar Medal is awarded to the Player of the Year, based on points awarded after every game in the Open League and T20 matches by all players and the scorer. In addition, the Kerry Tattersall Medal, named after Vienna CC’s founder and Honorary President, is presented to the Clubman of the Year, for contributions made towards the running and behind the scenes work in the club. The Duck Cup is presented to the most “prolific” duck scorer of the season, and the Benjamin Loader Golden Box Award is presented to the club member who has given the most memorable performance on or off the pitch during the season.

Wolfgang Tesar Medal – Player of the Year Award

2007 Peter Christensen
2008 Andrew Simpson-Parker
2009 Marco Celeghin
2010 Geoff Smith
2011 Erwin Grasinger
2012 Daniel Stevenson
2013 Benjamin Loader
2014 Daniel Eckstein
2015 Abdullah Akbarjan
2016 Daniel Eckstein
2017 Quinton Norris
2018 Mark Simpson-Parker
2019 Quinton Norris

Kerry Tattersall Medal – Clubman of the Year Award

2007 M. Surridge
2008 not awarded
2009 John Orman
2010 Michael Bailey
2011 Satnam Singh
2012 Elijah Dippenaar
2013 Neil Foster-McGregor
2014 Simon Birch
2015 Wali Shenwari
2016 Quinton Norris
2017 Wolfgang Schmidhuber-Tindle
2018 Erwin Grasinger
2019 Suraj Mohammad