Teams to face Dutch touring side 9-11 May

We welcome a Dutch touring side – based predominantly in Nijmegen, and who are members of the Dutch XL Club (Still Going Strong / SGS CC) for games in Seebarn starting today, many of whom are also affiliated to Quick 1888 CC. Start times are listed in brackets.

Friday (13:00): Simon Birch, Elijah Dippenaar, Michael Bailey, Shakil Khan, Abdullah Khan, Erwin Grasinger, Tim Simpson, Neil Foster-McGregor, Vinod, Venkat Musku, Quinton Norris
Saturday (12:30): Owen Davies, Daniel Ali, Shakil Khan, Abdullah Khan, Rakib Islam, Neil Foster-McGregor, Gunter Jochum, Sven Schipporeit and 3 players from BCC
Sunday (12:30): Owen Davies, Alan Rowlands, Michael Bailey, Shakil Khan, Abdullah Khan, Venkat Musku, Elijah Dippenaar, Michi Nedoma, Vinod, Stefan Schönbucher, Siva Donepudi

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